Parent Schedule

Below is the parent schedule for 50/50, Timeclock, Timesheet and Arm Band.  If you cannot make a shift, please find someone to trade with or cover for you.


Bantam Game Schedule


Game date & location


Time Clock

Time Sheet

Arm Band

Nov. 18  5:15 pm @Redwater vs. Barrhead Martineau Woytenko Anderson Dupperon
Nov. 19  5:15 pm @ Devon       Beckett
Nov. 25  6:00 pm @ Forestburg       Anderson
Dec. 2  5:15 pm @ Redwater vs. Barrhead Beckett Coates Diogo Dupperon
Dec. 9  5:15 pm @ Thorhild vs. Winfield Kubica Kemp Hiemer Graham
Dec. 16  3:15 pm @ New Sarepta       Martineau
Jan. 6  5:15 pm @ Thorhild vs. Devon Mazurenko, C Olaveson Pawlik Williams
Jan. 7  1:30 pm @ Riviere Qui Barre vs. CR Knights       Woytenko
Jan. 12 7:30 pm @ Gibbons vs, CNN       Anderson
JAN.19 8:15 PM @ REDWATER VS. BOYLE (PROV) Mazurenko, C Graham Kubica Diogo
Jan. 20  5:15 pm @ Redwater vs. Battle River Williams Woytenko Mazurenko, A Coates
JAN. 25 7:00 PM @ BOYLE (PROV)       Pawlik
Jan. 26  7:30 pm @ Onoway       Mazurenko, A
Jan. 27 @ Redwater vs. Thunderstars Martineau Dupperon Anderson Hiemer
Jan. 28  3:45 pm @ Winfield       Beckett
Feb. 5  7:15 pm @ Wetaskwin        Kemp
Feb. 10  5:15 pm @ Thorhild vs. New Sarepta Kemp Pawlik Coates Olaveson
Feb. 17  5:45 pm @ Barrhead       Kubica
Feb. 23  7:30 pm @ Killam Arena vs. Battle River       Mazurenko, C
Feb. 24  5:15 pm @ Redwater vs. CR Knights Beckett Diogo Williams Dupperon


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