Redwater Minor Hockey Association Team Managers are directly responsible to the Head Coach who shall be responsible for delegating specific duties. In general, team managers should assume responsibility from most of the office organizational and administrative tasks, thus allowing the coach to concentrate on instruction and player development.



- ensuring every player has a Hockey Medical completed and kept on hand at every game.

- It is suggested to ask at the beginning of the year, how many socks will need to be purchased, collect a list and payment and forward it to the RMHA Equipment manager and he will ensure you get the socks needed. Rush socks can be purchased for $20 a pair. All 1st-year players receive their first pair of socks for free.

- Team list with contact information and ensure your coach and call parent have a copy.

- Every player has a copy of the schedule when it comes out and is aware of practices and exhibition games. Can be posted on the website, if forwarded to the webmaster by email in the format you would like posted.

- There is no league for Mini Mites, the manager is responsible for booking games.

- Contact your web administrator  to get your teams username and password. 

  Enter your team Roster and Coaching Staff along with all email addresses onto the website. 

  Once email addresses are entered managers can mass email the entire team, through the mail tab at the top of the page. 

This will ensure you receive 1660 tiering and game information. 


-Contact RMHA registrar to receive an pdf copy of your teams HCR and upload it onto the website prior to stepping on the ice. Keep a copy for the team, you may be asked to prove that players are on your team. 1660 insists that each coach/manager forward a copy of your teams HCR (Hockey Canada) roster (ask our registrar to forward you a copy) to your teams 1660 tier governor prior to league games. 
Your tier governor must approve all affiliates for any playoff game. It is also suggested that you email your tier governor prior to league games with the affiliates information.

For all 1660 Hockey League requirements and instructions for managers, read the Managers Guidelines on the website ~Information ~Managers Guidelines

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Mini Mites

Mini Mites do not belong to a league. Mini Mites practice once a week until later in the season at which time RMHA gives them a 1-hour game slot to host games or use for a practice until the team is ready to play games.

Please input all player and staff information into the website so the whole team can be notified of RMHA important information, and so you as a manager can email the entire team with information that is important to your team specifically. 

Hockey Alberta has developed a new initiation program to help coach  Hockey Alberta Initiation Program 

Once your team is ready to play games, check out the 1660 website, Initiation Information page to help categorize your team, and plan to book games with like skilled teams.  You can register each on the 1660 website, so initiation teams can plan games with each other. 

The games and practice features on the website will be very handy for Mini Mite managers as well.  You are responsible for updating and changing all practice and game information and booking games for your teams. 

Please read through the information below to help you understand what is required of managers with RMHA. 


        Sign on to the Redwater Minor Hockey website using your managers username and password under the Administration Login on the bottom left-hand side of the page. Each team is required to have their team staff and player email information inputted into the website before their 1st pre-season game. This allows you as a manager and RMHA to email your team or the entire association with important information. The information that you input will be linked to the 1660 website.  


Input the name, email address, and phone number of the coaching and managerial staff, and players.  


Move the mouse over the ~Players header, and click ~Add Single on the drop down menu.

Add all names and jersey numbers, and email addresses. Ensure OV- overage, and AP - Affiliate players are labeled on the roster click ~Submit Go to settings at the top of the header, at the bottom of the settings page you can copy your team to the left hand side of the page and it will link your players to the 1660 website.  FYI - You will have to log onto the 1660 site to upload staff information. Everything else will can be done through the Rush website. 


Move the mouse over the ~Staff header. Add each staff that is listed on the HCR Roster. Ensure there is contact information for multiple staff.


Each team is required to have their team staff and contact information inputted into the website as soon as you have your first practice.  Having player email addresses ensures that they receive important information regarding fundraising, events etc. 



Practices will be entered at the beginning of the year, it is the manager's responsibility to add/ delete/ change all practice dates/ times for your team. 

Click on ~Practices ~View select your team ~Submit

All practices will be visible. ~Edit on the practice you would like to change. ~Delete on the practice you want to delete. (Only change and delete practice information after confirming with the ice scheduler (

You can check the check box to email the entire team of the change to the practice.



Exhibition, Provincial, and Tournament games can be entered and view on the team website. 

~Games ~View - managers can view all league games that have been scheduled by 1660 Hockey League. From here managers can verify, enter game sheet, or RSVP to an away game. 


V - verify the gamesheet information that has been entered after an away game (verify that the information that has been entered on the site is exactly the same as the copy of the gamesheet that you were provided with at the game) 

GS - enter the exact information that is on the gamesheet provided after a home game (24hrs to input). for further instructions, please see Games.


RSVP -  by clicking the RSVP tab is will notify the other team that you have confirmed that you will be attending the away game and agree to the details of the game. 


A Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Roster can be obtained by contacting the RMHA Registrar prior to playing their first 1660 pre-season game. Typically the registrar will email the HCR Roster to you, but you may have to contact them. It is the responsibility of each team to update this roster anytime there is a change in the team dynamics. 

HCR Rosters must:
- be uploaded onto the 1660 website prior to the first preseason game ***New feature
- produced on Hockey Canada's website by home association registrar
- MUST be current
- governor x-reference with submitted game sheets

How to upload your teams HCR Roster:

In the back end of the RAMP website, there is an HCR file button on the bottom left-hand side of the header bar.

Click on the HCR File button, click choose file, locate the HCR Roster on your computer then click submit.

HCR Rosters are provided by Hockey Canada and ensure that everyone is insured, playing on the correct team.


Each teams homepage can be personalized for your needs. Eg - Scorebox schedule, announcements etc. 

Managers can mass email the entire team so everyone is up to date. Once you have all the parents and staff's email addresses added on the website, click ~Pages. Home will appear ~Edit Managers can change and type any new information that you would like to share with your team. ie: Timebox schedule , Jersey parent needed, tickets due. 


Mailer is used to send out mass emails to your parents and players. You can either send out an email to the email addresses that you inputted when you added your players or send a News which will send out an email to everyone on your team and add the body of your email to the homepage for everyone to see every time they login into your team page. 

~Mailer ~Email Categories ~Add New select current season, then add Category Name (if one doesn't already exist) ie: Parents and Players ~Submit  If one already exists, you can edit the name to have the current season then ~Submit


~Mailer ~Email Categories ~Contacts the current season's Parents and Players category. Open the Team Staff - check all, Open Players - check all ~Submit this will save all email addresses to the Players and Parents category, so when you send an email it will be sent to everyone. 

~Mailer ~Compose Email Choose the Parents and Players category, type in the subject of your email, Enter your text into the body of the email. ~Send  Copy and paste does not work well in this feature, it works best if you type new. 


The news button can be used to send out an email to everyone in your tier and that same message and will be posted on  the division/tier, Home Page. After you have entered your Parents and Players category, the news will email everyone on that list and post to your homepage. 

Click on ~News - Add News Article     
                                                                  -enter the title of your message 

                  - Check the Email Entire Team-  If you want it emailed to everyone in your tier
                 - Leave Blank - If you want it posted on your tier Home Page only

        Type message - Submit - This can be edited at any time. 

****IMPORTANT for all managers other than Mini Mites. 

For instructions on managerial duties with 1660 Hockey League refer to the Managers Guidelines Page for instructions. ~Information - Managers Guidlines


Team administrators have the ability to add events to their websites. Events will show up highlighted on the calendar. Team administrators have the option to send events to their team when they create the event. Clicking on the highlighted events in the calendar will bring up the events page where the event details can be viewed.




To Add an Event: 

1. Select “Events” 

2. Select “Add Event” 

3. Enter the event name 

4. Enter the Start Date. Select the “All Day Event” box if applicable. 

5. Enter the start time 

6. Enter the End Date 

7. Enter the End time 

8. Check the “Email Entire Team” box if you want the system to email this event to everyone who has email addresses entered in the system. 

9. Enter any applicable information in the main content area. 

10.Click “Submit”. 1

1.Select “Done” if you’re finished or select “Add Another” if you wish to add more events.

For more detailed instructions download the manual 



Labels In this area administrators can print labels for their gamesheets. 

The labels are formatted for Label Size 2” x 4” (Printed Landscape - 4” x 2”) 

Brand Avery 08923. 


To Print Labels: 

1. Go to “Export” from the Team Main Menu.

 2. Select “Labels” from the dropdown menu. 

3. Select “Download Labels” 

4. A popup window will appear asking you if you wish to save, or open the file. Open the file with Microsoft Word. 

5. When Word launches and opens the document, Print the document onto your labels.

RAMPBOOK - Accounting

RAMP has made an easy way of keeping track of who owes what. 


Click ~Rampbook (far right-hand side of top header)

Click ~Team Accounting ~Team Fees 


Since Fees are paid to the executive, this area can be used for any time you need to collect money from your team. 

Name: Enter name of family

Date : date the tickets were given out

Amount Per Person:  ($) amount that will be due after tickets are sold. 

Notes:  you can add a description. 

ie: Puck n Funny tickets 001-008 

Click ~Add

When you get the money back from each family yo can add to ~Team Accounting ~Take Money In

Once payment has been saved. You can go on to ~Team Accounting ~Team balance and it will display the amount owing for each player.
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Managers fill out the game sheet, get the Head Coach to sign it for every game. For home games you are responsible for using our game book and taking it to the other team to fill out and sign, then take it to the time box.



Managers are to fill out the game sheet prior to each game, make sure all information is filled out, including the game number, cross out any players that will not be on the ice that day. A Coach must verify each game sheet by signing below the names. 

Please put the following letters beside the appropriate player if it applies - Affiliated player - AP, Overage player -OA.

It is the managers responsibility to ensure game sheets are filled out properly with all goals, assists, shots on net (Atom and higher), change of goalie, correct time and offence for penalties etc. -A sample of a 1660 gamesheet can be found under Parents - Timebox and Scoresheets


Game sheets must be uploaded and stats entered into the website within 48hr after each game.  If suspensions are issued or issues arise during a home game, make sure the information on the game sheet (penalties etc) and Referee's Incident Report are done correctly before faxed to your 1660 Tier Governor.



According to Hockey Alberta Novice and Atoms do not designate goaltenders. 1660 Hockey League does not require goalie shots to be recorded at the Novice Level, but are required for the Atom level and up. Shots for goalies are compared to goals for players, so please educate your volunteers to do their best to keep accurate records for every player on the ice.
A shot on goal is any shot that enters the net or any shot that would normally have entered the net if not stopped by the goalie. Shots that deflect off the posts or crossbar and stay out of the net are not counted as shots on goal. The number of shots and whether a shot puck counts as a shot is determined by the person running the clock only. Shots cannot be changed on the scoresheet.
The 1660 gamesheet has recently been modified to reflect what the RAMP website requires GA (Goals against) and Shots. Shots are the total number of shots taken on the goalie, which include the goals that went in. When inputting the GA and Shots in the RAMP website managers need to take the number of Actual shots stopped over minutes played (that is recorded on the gamesheet and add the total goals scored to get the Shots amount that needs to be entered into the website. 


Gamesheet and Website
Player Played GA Shots WLT
33 60:00 5 51 W
The website will automatically minus the GA from the Shots and display the 46 SAV


1660 Game sheets are to be used strictly for LEAGUE GAMES only. For tournaments please use the old Elk Island game sheets, which are located in the equipment room. For a sample of how a game sheet is to be filled out-

Send a copy of the game sheet to HA Zone 2 rep. 

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Game Change:

If a league game needs to be changed, you must make arrangements with the other manager and find a suitable date with the RMHA ice scheduler, then refer to the 1660 Manager Guidelines for proper protocol. 

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 Ice Changes:

Rescheduling of Ice Times within RMHA (practices) 

RMHA advises that all coaches and managers wanting to swap ice with another team go directly to the other teams manager. Once an agreement has been made with both teams, and email to the ice scheduler, and cc the manager of the other team involved (for tracking purposes) advising them of the change. The ice scheduler will then adjust it on the RMHA Calendar.


Additional Ice

It is the managers responsibility to talk to other managers and negotiate and swap practice /game times. Once both parties are in agreement. Available ice can be found on the website "Ice Availability" once you click book, it will send a notification to the RMHA ice scheduler.  It is your responsibility to touch base the ice scheduler to ensure everything is completed. If an email of the change is not received by the Ice Scheduler and RMHA is charged for unused ice time THE TEAM initiating the change will be responsible will be billed for the unused ice. Then fill out 1660 Notice of Game Change Form if needed

Ice Scheduling - Please see the Ice Availability tab on the home page

Ice Cancelations:

RMHA advises that all ice cancelations be emailed to the ice scheduler as soon as you are aware. Any ALL ICE CANCELLATIONS must be discussed with the ice scheduler. Any ice slots not canceled WILL BE charged back to the team. Weather is the exception.


Short Notice Ice: 

From time to time ice becomes available throughout the season on short notice. The RMHA Ice Scheduler does his/her best to provide as much notice as possible of the extra ice and it will typically be on a first come first serve basis. The Ice Scheduler does reserve the right to allocate this extra ice as fairly as he/she sees fit.

Ice Returns:

It goes without saying that Ice is of a premium.

Teams are expected to make every effort to use the ice allotted to them. If it is not needed please try and give the ice scheduler as much notice as possible. RMHA will be charged 100% of the ice from November - February. 


No-Shows :

Teams leaving ice open will be charged the entire cost of the ice, including referees if applicable.

Weather related issues will be considered.

Please do not leave these to the end of the season, reschedule as soon as possible. 
Booking away tournaments at the end of January and into February is highly discouraged as makeup games at this time of the year are extremely difficult to re-schedule as the available ice is limited due to playoffs and Provincials.

Keep in mind with any ice scheduling changes for your games you may need to cancel referees.

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Officials / Referees:


As soon as the new schedule is released the ice scheduler will start arranging the referee's that are needed.

If you plan on changing any of you league home games, or booking an exhibition game, please let the Referee Coordinator know so she can reschedule the referee's accordingly.


All games that are to be assigned officials come to the referee coordinator through the ice Coordinator. Teams are not to be contacting assignors directly in regards to assigning officials as this may lead to confusion between what the ice allocator has sent and what teams may be sending. This will allow the coordinator to effectively manage the assignments if the information is only coming from one source.

Be aware of cancelation policies for games. The coordinator requires 48 hours notice to cancel games, so you may want to give the coordinator notice 72 hours before the game to be canceled as so it travels the proper channels to the coordinator.

Failure to give 48 hours notice will result in your team being charged for officials as assigned.

NOTE: This is not in effect for playoffs as the next scheduled game may be inside that 48-hour time frame. During playoffs we only ask that as much notice is given as possible. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about officials in RMHA, please contact the RMHA Referee coordinator directly through the email address posted on the RMHA website. The RMHA Referee coordinator will follow through with your email with the appropriate action.


Please let it be known that there are both supervision programs in place to ensure that officials are developing at an appropriate rate and that they are working assignments within their capability, and accountability measures in place for officials who are deemed to be breaking the Officials Code of Ethics.


We ask that you do not voice your opinions during the game to the officials, but that you contact the RMHA Referee coordinator with your concerns and the RMHA Referee coordinator will respond to your concerns in the appropriate manner.


Please remember that minor hockey is also for developing officials as well, so just like players and coaches, officials may make mistakes at times as well.


Coaches, and any team staff member or parent are not permitted to contact any Zone 2 or Hockey Alberta officials directly. The normal protocol is to notify your RMHA Referee coordinator of any issues and they will bring them to the attention of the appropriate Zone 2 or HA reps. This is at the request of Hockey Alberta in order to keep phone calls and e-mail to them manageable.

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Incident Reports:

Referee Incident Report book is located in the Ref Room, they are confidential, including coaches.

Please assist our young referees in completing the game sheets and incident report forms are filled out correctly by ensuring their referee ID number is located on the form, rule offence numbers are added and all information corresponds correctly to the game sheet. The manager of the home team is to upload a copy of the Incident Report to the 1660 website (the same place as the gamesheet is uploaded) 

Once an incident report has been issued for one of our players, the manager of the impacted teams managers responsibility to complete an Incident Report Form ~located on the 1660 website ~ Forms  form after an incident has occurred during 1660 Hockey League game. One form per each impacted player (If there is a fight, each team manager needs to fill out a form for their player). The home manager uploads the electronic. pdf, .jpg version of the incident report, then fill out the form with the information from the completed Incident Report.

Upon completion of form, a copy will be automatically emailed to the 1660 Discipline Coordinators and Vice President. The Discipline Coordinators will advise and rule on the incident according to Hockey Alberta and 1660 Bylaws and Regulations. The Discipline Coordinator will then forward the email copy of the form with their ruling to the Hockey Alberta Zone Discipline Coordinator, the Association President and the appropriate Tier Governor. The Tier Governor will then forwards a copy to the manager of the participating player.

****All teams are requested to keep game sheets from tournaments and regular league play for one year******

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Other Tasks: 

- Hockey Alberta cards or team sheets

- Gathering of reluctant player history data (medical forms), ensuring they are kept on hand and accessible at every game

- Obtaining travel permits, sanctions for any event outside of zone 2

- Organization of parent meetings

        - Supervise and monitor collection of money and fundraising

- Present financial statement to the Parents and RMHA if requested

- Arrange for additional ice and officials for exhibition games

- Notify ice scheduler a minimum of 5 days prior to any ice changes,

-Book and confirm officials/referee for home games

-Confirm scheduled away games

-Overseeing the Call Parent, Jersey Parent, 50 / 50 parent, Time box and penalty box parent for scheduling, or a manager can choose to fulfill these task on their own.

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50/50 Parent:

Please see 50/50 Boards- under Parents 

Equipment / Jersey Parent:

The Jersey Parent is responsible for both home and away jersey's, and jersey bags. If you team chooses to split this role between 2 parents then they are both equally responsible for the set of jersey's in their possession. Please ensure jerseys are washed and if repairs are required, bring it to the attention of the RMHA Equipment Manager. Please wash in cold water, turned inside out and hung to dry or dried on a cool cycle.

Please do not make alterations to jersey’s (eg: number, size) without contacting the RMHA Equipment Manager.

White Jerseys are for home, and Black are for away, it is the home teams responsibility to change.


• Coaches/managers are responsible for goalie equipment, sweater bags, extra team jerseys, first aid kits, pucks and game sheets being returned. This can be requested by RMHA’s Equipment Manager. Please give him as much notice as possible, as he is not always available.


• all team uniforms are provided by RMHA, and remain the property of RMHA, under the direction of the Equipment Manager. These are to be used for all league, playoff, and exhibition games. These items are not to be used as practice equipment.


• uniforms and equipment will be assigned to each coach in accordance with established procedures. The Coach/Manager is responsible for in season care and return at season’s end. Any needs or concerns regarding equipment/uniforms are to be brought to the attention of the Equipment Manager.


Equipment maintenance: 

• If you have sweaters, bag or goalie equipment that is in need of repair, and cannot be repaired by someone on your team, please contact the Equipment Manager.


• Please ensure sweaters are washed prior to taking them in for repairs.


• Please have all sweaters washed in cold water turned inside out and repaired prior to summer storage.


• Please do not make alterations to sweaters, (i.e. number changes, size alterations), without first contacting the equipment manage.

Time Box / Penalty Box Parent:

A schedule for two parents to work the time clock, score sheet, and penalty box is suggested for all home games.

Instructions on running the time box and scoresheet are located on the homepage under Parents

Please read/ print off the 1660 Off-Ice Officials Guide from the 1660 website for instructions on being an off-ice official (Scorekeeper/ Timekeeper).  This is a great tool to help new parents become confident Scorekeepers. 

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Team Finances

Team Financial Responsibilities - ***please have all team accounts showing a zero balance as of 01May11

• Each Teams Manager is accountable for the management of team funds. The responsibility for the bookkeeping can be delegated to a person designated as the team treasurer. The information contained in this document should be communicated to all parents on teams.


•RampBook on the administration side of the website has been set up for the manager to keep track of the teams finances.


• Each team will be given a team bank account, in the team name, separate from any personal funds of anyone on the team.


• Each team must have two signing authorities, who cannot be spouses of each other.


• Each team must maintain a set a set of financial records.


• Bank accounts should be reconciled on a monthly basis.


• Details of 50/50’s, raffle and tournament prize winners must be kept and submitted at year end to the Treasurer.


• Any issues or concerns over team finances should be communicated in writing as soon as possible to the President or Treasurer for investigation.


Teams must establish a team budget in order that the appropriate amount of fund raising can be achieved. For reference prior teams income/expense statements should be made available.

Team Fund Raising:

Any fund raising done by team participation (i.e. bottle drive, 50/50’s, square boards, tournament profits) is to be considered team funds and need to be allocated equally to each players account.

Employer Contribution/Sponsorship:

RMHA encourages corporations, business and organizations to become sponsors of the RMHA program.


Through out the current season teams may hold a tournament to raise funds for their team. RMHA requires $500 to go to RMHA and the remainder of the profits are to be divided and used equally for all players on your team.

Disbursements of Funds at End of Season:

No rebates will be issued until all disbursements have been made relating to the teams’ year including post-season tournaments, final ice bills, referee changes, team windups, etc. Total team expenses must be equally distributed per player. These expenses are deemed to be paid from fund raising money (team plus individual) first and then from out-of-pocket.

If there is an excess of funds after all team expenses have been paid, the following will apply:

• In no case will a refund be given to an individual for more than the actual out-of-pocket cash contributions that they have made to the team

Funds in excess of out-of-pocket cash contributions will be donated to RMHA for a designated purpose i.e. arena fund, facility improvements.

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Team Forms

Included in this package are templates of:

Player Medical Form. This must be completed for all players and available at all team functions. The form should be sealed and kept private and is intended to accompany the player if they are required to seek medical attention away from the arena. Coaches and Managers must keep all forms on hand at home and away games.

Hockey Canada Injury Report. In the event of an injury, this form must be completed in its entirety and then returned to the MSA office. The form is then forwarded to Hockey Alberta. These forms should be kept with you at all team functions.

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Travel Permits

•Travel permits are required for any tournament or exhibition game that your team plays in that are outside of our zone; this includes pre-season games and tournaments. Our zone is Zone #2. Zone #2 does not include Sherwood Park, Edmonton, or St. Albert.


•Travel Permits are not required for league games or Provincial games.


•To apply for a Travel Permit go on-line to the Forms page and click on the required form.

Permit applications must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the game or event to ensure that they can be processed in time. The Request for Travel Permit must include the date and location of the game, and the number of games and tournament sanction number if applying for a tournament.


•A copy of the Travel Permit must accompany the team when traveling and a copy of the game sheet(s) must be faxed to Hockey Alberta upon completion of the game(s).

Special Events Permits… 

Special Events Permits are required for any event the team wishes to participate in, including:

• Dry-land Training

• Team Building Functions

• Team Fundraising Functions

For information as to what is considered a sanctioned and non sanctioned event go to the Hockey Alberta website
****All forms are available on the Managers page

When applying for a special event permit please ensure that the event description includes as much detail as possible.

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  • Away Tournaments may require a travel permit, depending if they are out of our Hockey Alberta Zone (Zone 2). 
  • Home Tournaments will need a sanction number. Complete the Hockey Alberta Sanction Form located under ~Information ~Permits. 
  • Information on how to run a home tournament? Please ask a past manager to email instructions to, then it will be posted for everyone to view.


It is extremely important to keep lines of communication open between players and parents throughout the season. It is recommended that every coach has a minimum of 2 formal communication meetings during the season. One at the beginning of the season and one mid-season. 

It is also recommended to use your Team Manager to provide a means of communication to occur with parents who are uncomfortable communicating directly to the coaching staff. 

The Team Manager role is to present the parents’ concerns to the Head Coach and schedule a meeting between the Head Coach (and members of the staff if warranted) and the parents at least 24 hours after the incident occurred. This allows both parties to cool down, so that the problem can be dealt with rationally. For highly emotional issues the 24 hour rule is the recommended first step. 

Every attempt to resolve the issue at the team level is encouraged with good communication. If not seek guidance from your RMHA executive.

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All apparel orders must go through the equipment manager.  RMHA has an account set up with the Rush logo with a company, which will make the costs lower and to keep the apparel consistent.






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